Friday, September 24, 2010

Anime: Vampire Knight

Crafted within a Gothic theme, Vampire Knight weaved a tale of vampires - the night creatures caught in the middle of intrigues and conflicts between humans, vampire hunters, mutated vampires. The setting, Cross Academy, is a private school running Day Class and Night Class. The later being vampire class. Two student councilors, Cross Yuki and Kiriyu (or Kiryu) Zero are the only ones who know about the existence of the vampires.

Led by Kuran Kaname, a true noble blood vampire, the student vampires are celebrity students who are constantly being stalked by the Day Class students. While the plucky female protagonist, Yuki leads the scenes with her sense of idealism, it is the two male leads that capture the essence of the plot: the magnetic Kuran Kaname and the guilt-ridden Kiryu.

Popular among the manga fans, this anime deserves 9.0/10.0

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