Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Great Void between Beautiful and Ugly


1. When BEAUTIFUL speaks, she is bold. When UGLY speaks, nobody listens.

2. When BEAUTIFUL gets invited to a function, she gets PAID for her time. When UGLY goes to function, she has to pay for her seat.

3. It is okay for a BEAUTIFUL to be sexy and shows cleavages in functions and churches. An UGLY who does the same is a harlot.

4. A BEAUTIFUL gets gifts - branded items by her boyfriends. An UGLY needs to buy gifts for her BF.

5. A BEAUTIFUL is surely on the worship team even when she can't crack a note. An ugly needs to be a soprano to qualify for the same opportunity.

6. A BEAUTIFUL is adored by both handsome and ugly men. An UGLY is bullied and insulted by ugly men.

7. A BEAUTIFUL is allowed to be bad. An ugly who is bad can go to hell.

8. Those who flash boobs to get favors and promotions are considered BEAUTIFUL. Those who don't are deemed as UGLY and will be demoted.

9. A BEAUTIFUL gets PAID to appear in charity functions while already paid as wannabe models, air-hostesses and beauty pageant losers/girls. An UGLY who sincerely helps people is only a social worker.

10.A BEAUTIFUL has enough brains and wiles to seduce men while UGLY is stupid coz she doesn't know how to make herself BEAUTIFUL and drop her clothes.

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